What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a new form of payment, that can be exchanged online for various products. There are many different types of cryptocurrencies, similar to how there are many different types of currencies in the world. You can think of cryptocurrency as a virtual token; you would go about acquiring these 'tokens' by exchanging real currency for the desired cryptocurrency.

Is it any better than normal money?
Cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin are viewed as the currency of the future and their value fluctuates over time. Crpyto also removes banks from managing the money supply, which stops the reduction of the value of money via inflation. Crypto also boasts its high security features, like untraceable payment.
Why should I care?
Just as it is a good investment to look into purchasing stocks, in hopes that they will lead to profit, the same goes for investing in Cryptocurrency. With the right knowledge and patience, anyone can make a profit, utilizing smart investments in the right cryptocurrencies.

Some Popular Tokens

Where to purchase Cryptocurrency


The best place for those who are new to crpytocurrency, would be Coinbase. They make buying many different types of tokens, very easy and straightforward. They also offer user friendly interfaces with their mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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For the more Advanced Users


If your familiar with Cryptocurrency and want to get the most out of it, Binace would be a better place to do your investing. They offer more currencies than Coinbase, and have more tools, that look into individual coin analytics.

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What you will need to get started


Regardless of where you purchase your tokens from, you will need a virtual wallet to hold any of the coins that you are interested in. Coinbase offers a stand alone wallet app, that shares its same user friendly interface, that you can use for any of your Crypto purchases.

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Good Read

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